About Us

Hello! Welcome to the online home of SUPERSATSTORE.

We are a Satellite and Cable Television Sales and Installation Service based in London, UK.

We hope you enjoy our website, why not look at the services we offer or get in touch.


We first opened for business in 2006, and have been serving London, UK, and the rest of the World, ever since.

Our main goal is to be very competitive and offer our costumers excellent quality service and products at a fair price.

WE are a satellite shop offering a variety of products and we are keen to expand our product range everyday.

Here is a list of products we can provide:

  • Digital Receivers
  • Package Deals
  • Dishes and Dish Packs
  • LNBs Switches and Motors
  • CAMs and Viewing Cards
  • Programmes


Please get in touch with us for more details.