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New features include improved connectivity to mobile devices such as notebooks, tablets and mobile phones. Thanks to the transcoding function, and the fast computational speed, plus HDTV content can now be seen on all mobile iOS or Android devices. 2 x Common Interface, and 2 x card readers (Conax u.XCrypt), EPG, Gigabit LAN, 1x SCART, 1x HDMI and 3x USB2.0 ports. The unit also allows even inexperienced users to use network-based content such as HbbTV or streaming. Up to 4 plug and play tuners provide enough room to satisfy even the most demanding user.

Powerful Dual Core CPU

No more interrupted moment when using DUO2

With the Powerful Dual Core CPU 1.3 GHz (MIPS based), the speed of operating functions is faster than you ever imagined. You will be satisfied with the system loading speed of functions such as booting, using plug-ins, or channel tuning.

Dual Display

Double viewing screens provide double amount of convenience

The front panel of Duo2 is equipped with both LCD and VFD. (TFT LCD 3.2″ / 262,000 Color / 16bit) VFD provides basic information such as channels and time, while LCD screen provides more interesting information or use the LCD screen as a digital picture frame by putting your personal photo slides and so on. Dual display can increase both text and graphic content of multiple presentations. through LCD4Linux Plug-in. For example, you can have frequently updated weather, With the dual display option, viewing experience comfort level will be intensified.

1080p FULL HD

Make your TV screen more realistic than ever before with DUO2

The strong performance is ideal for 1080p Full High Definition decode and display. You will enjoy every second of watching TV due to the sharp and vivid images on your TV screen.

Double & Double Tuner

Experience up to 4 tuners with only twin plug-able tuners.

Double & Double tuner in Duo2 indicates twin plug-able tuner system with the availability of using dual tuner. You can experience to have up to 4 tuners with only 2 tuners inserted in DUO2. Moreover, as its tuner system is for DVB-S2 or DVB-T/C, your choice of watching TV will be even more fulfilling.

Built-in Wi-FI

Easy and Simple Internet Connection with Built-in Wi-Fi

Duo 2 features built-in Wi-Fi that connects to the Internet without any additional devices or wires. With the built-in Wi-Fi, you can fully enjoy high-definition streaming or web browsing. Built-in Wi-Fi allows enhanced multimedia applications with the easy access to the Internet.


Enjoy TV contents on your personal mobile devices.

Duo2 is the only box with the transcoding feature, which enables watching TV or other contents in different rooms via streaming. It provides the new level of convenience by providing transcoding system. Make your watching TV moment extra interactive with your personal electronic devices such as iPad or smart phones by down converting.

Recording up to 16 channels

DUO2 makes it impossible to miss any of your favorite channel.

You can record up to 16 Live channels simultaneously. There may be moments when you had to miss one for the other channels due to the lack of recording ability of previous STB. However, with DUO2, it is literally impossible for you to leave out any LIVE channels. With HDD (3.5 inch) internally equipped, you can play the recorded files whenever you want from Archive.


Enjoy interactive services on your own living room.

Duo 2 is the “HbbTV” supported set-top box. “HbbTV”, Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV, is a major new pan-European initiative aimed at harmonizing the broadcast and broadband delivery of entertainment to the end consumer through connected TVs and Set-Top Boxes. In other words, HbbTV enables you to experience web browsing while watching the Live channel interactively at the same time. Main applications include TV Guide, Catch-up service, web video, VOD, or portal service. Additionally, you can check the weather, sports, news and etc,

HD Picture in Picture

More satisfactory experience of watching main & supplementary screens in HD quality.

PiP(Picture in Picture) is displayed in High-Definition. There are no such thing as less important screen in DUO2 as it makes every viewing moment in HD quality.


Double up your entertainment choices with various Plug-Ins.

Various plug-ins developed by independent developers makes the whole experience of using DUO2 simple and incredibly fun. You can enjoy all those plug-ins with just simple click of downloading. There are Plug-ins made just for DUO2. For example, Vu+ AirPlay Plug-in provides easy content streaming of audio, video and photos from your personal electronic devices such as iPhones or iPads. You can view any contents from your TV screen to your mobile devices anywhere you want as long as you are in the same network. Not only do Plug-ins provide entertainment, but they also enable you to customize your own DUO2. It can have daily weather check frequently updated or even slide show of your favorite pictures.

Main Features

· – Dual Tuner, Dual Display, Dual Performance

· – Powerful Dual Core CPU

· – Experience up to 4 tuners with only twin plug-able tuners

· – Double viewing screens provide double amount of convenience

· – 1080 Full HD decode and display

· – Easy and Simple internet connection with Built-in Wi-Fi

· – Linux TV with Transcoding, Various Plug-ins, Recording up to 16 channels, Hbb TV and HD PIP Features.

· Technical specifications:

Processor : Broadcom 7424
Processor type : 1.3 GHz (3K + DMIPS)
Display : 12 Segment VFD / LCD (High Resolution)
Memory Controller : 32-bit DDR3
Flash : 1GB
Memory : 2GB
Internal Hard Drive : 2,5″ / 3,5″
Linux OS : Yes
Tuner fix/pluggable : 0 / 2
Playback of HD (1080p) Xvid/AVI – contents : Yes
Loop tuner : through Software
Number of optional USB tuners : 2
Cooler / Fan : passive / Yes
Remote Control : Universal (Sat/TV)
Common Interface : 2
Smartcard Reader : 2
USB 2.0 : 2+1
Image/Firmware via USB : Yes
Flashing query : Yes
HDMI : 1 (version 1.4)
Lan/WLan : 1000Mbit / Yes
HDMI CEC Control : Yes
Dolby Digital Plus : Yes
3D Mode (Side by Side / Top & Bottom) : Yes
3D Themes : Yes
Blindscan : Yes
WebBrowser : Yes / Opera


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